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Summer In Her / Poem

Interlaced thoughts are her hobby for summer

She picks them from tender kisses and vicious blows

Candidly opens them again with a diluted smile

Thinking, it may inhaled easily and spread all over her body

Keeps on juggling whimsical events with ordinary

Fuelled with ignored emotions and greasy steps

Regardless subdued nights or unattached days..

She could count them unconstrained

Sipping a lemonade,her spirit aroused

Embracing all the infant thoughts she woke up

Its another summer to swallow

But first she took a dive in it.


Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

11 thoughts on “Summer In Her / Poem

  1. I like the title and the pic too, kavi. And I keep thinking of that phrase, “ignored emotions and greasy steps.”it’s really beautiful and asks many compelling questions. Thank you so much for sharing it, and I’m so glad to see it featured!


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