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There is always a weight

Weight of an old painful smile

Enough to cloud any joyous moment of mine

How frightful it is to sit amidst everything wonderful !


To think of someone thinking of you

To remember the one remembering you endlessly

To leave the moments never leaving you

And then..

To say hello to happiness

To drink and dance

To live and love.



Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

5 thoughts on “Again

  1. Good rhythm. Felt like adding a background score with recital .

    Few words basis your image.

    Suna tha chaand aaj kal kisi do kamre wale makaan mein kiraaye se rehta hai,
    Aaj dekh liya,
    Ek darwaaze se nikla, parde ko kinaare karta hua,
    Jaise asmaan mein badalon ko karta hai,
    Use shayaad pata tha,
    Ki maine dekh liya, toh uspar ek kavita zarur likhunga,
    Usne apna naam bhi yaha “kavitha” bataya hai
    Chaand pe daag hua karta tha,
    Par Kavitha pe toh nahi hai,
    Apne daag se bhi itna lagaav raha hai,
    Ki usne maathe par teeka laga liya

    Toh bas kuch aise chaand bana “Kavitha”

    Hope you like it.

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