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Cold Pebble

Cold pebble on my palm

From the river shore I slept in calm

It brings me a smile back

It also takes an aisle back

I saw many pebbles on the shore

Only took the one in my hand

It is mossy and slippery

It also shines tricky

Reminds me of an old heart,

I found on that page set us apart

It read lies not poem

It had only me in mayhem


Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

One thought on “Cold Pebble

  1. Breezy, soothing and somehow transported me to my fav place Alleppey backwaters.
    It would create magic if you can post recital also.
    Only thing is secondlast line, i couldn’t understand, maybe if you could explain.

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