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Cold Pebble

Cold pebble on my palm

From the river shore I slept in calm

It brings me a smile back

It also takes an aisle back

I saw many pebbles on the shore

Only took the one in my hand

It is mossy and slippery

It also shines tricky

Reminds me of an old heart,

I found on that page set us apart

It read lies not poem

It had only me in mayhem

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Night in Her

Painting by Konstantine Somov

Warmth of this quilt
Carries the weight of my dreams
It reflects in moonlight
Leaving an early invite

Only few hours to wake up
I wish the moon stays
Dreams leave
Warmth becomes you.

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The Muse

Painting by Peter Wilhelmllsted

She left the room with a post card
Her blouse had dust and rust
Neck gleaming in sweat and regret
She walked like a silhouette discharged

Earlier she was a muse
To a man in peculiar hues
They drank poetry and blues
And slept in a treacherous bruise

She woke up to hunger
Her eyes saw another four pairs
They were small and their cries scares
She must plunder

She left the room with a postcard
Steps evenly strapped
Her mind still cramped
It looked hard and beyond

She, A muse
Card, Had many dues

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There is always a weight

Weight of an old painful smile

Enough to cloud any joyous moment of mine

How frightful it is to sit amidst everything wonderful !


To think of someone thinking of you

To remember the one remembering you endlessly

To leave the moments never leaving you

And then..

To say hello to happiness

To drink and dance

To live and love.


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Last Visitor / Poem

She left a note , a brief one,

Few words hidden in dust and dirt

It must have been in her handbag for years now

Like a souvenir

He knew the lines, once.

He had scribbled them on a birthday

The only day she visits him..

Like an awful ritual

Today she looked different

Her hair unkempt, skin more wrinkled

But, those eyes were not meeting his,

Exactly like a decade ago

“Mother, Forgive me if possible,

Not for the crime I committed

But for the days you visit me”

She walked away slower than ever

And he, now, locked in a piece of paper

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Drugged / Poem

Lights, lot of them.. in all colours

I see them getting bigger and brighter

I might be losing my mind

Or is it happening again

I should not write this down , not today

All I need to do is wait

And he will be home anytime soon

Eyes are stuck at the main door

I had asked him to paint it green

With antique carvings all over

Now the door is dusty and less green

Now it’s like me, hazy and more unseen

Door opened, I was half asleep

I saw his tired face and bulky bag

Between murmuring, my lips became wet,

Throat numb,

Body calm..

I slept again .

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Another Sky / Poem

Another Sky

My eyes opened to an orange screen

Palms felt like holding a pineapple

Head still spinning

Heart hammering

When I was told, I tried to look around

Cold air rushing into my bed

I saw, windows with blue curtains

Flower vases and unknown faces

My hands were taken softly, tear drops and kisses on them

Am I theirs ..?

But only the little piece of sky looked familiar

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Them Together / Poem

There is no apology whatsoever

No grief No guilt

No more merrymaking either

They are finally reaching nowhere

They have bodies of assorted memories

And minds dwell right beneath them

They have no mornings to claim

Only themselves to defame

Here I see them looking at the sky

Bereaved, lonely and cold

Here I see them holding hands

Redeemed, wholly and untold

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Caved / Poem

She felt like an old cave

Existed from the beginning

But never seen or visited

Flooded drained and bloodstained

Clothed in a heap of seaweed

Crowned with an insane amount of greed

She looks forward for tired footsteps

And wait for cuckoo’s lamenting anthems

Clouds are turning silent

Just like her crumbled mind

Here comes the refugee

Here she enters the same elegy