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Scars / Poem

Tiny scars on body started to fade away

Soon enough to walk through the chilly air

Covered in her father’s old tweed,

She stepped out early in the morning

She could hear trees banter behind

She could see a hundred eyes unkind

Her petite body started shivering

Skin shrieked in pain

But she is no more in tears

Looking away, she waved at fears

When a swollen belly whispered old rhymes,

They diffused melodies like wind chimes

Faded scars were covertly ingrained

She stopped and only listened

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Brown Tiles / Poem

Dark ancient brown tiles

They did great as first few pages

I wrote broken letters, they let me

I screamed in ambiguity, they let me

Here I am, looking for a new page

I see polished walls and glossy floors

They lack grains and greys

They never bleed, they never plead

Brown tiles were you,I suppose

Soaked into mere greasy mud

Blood is again mixing with ink

However this time, wild berries stayed away

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Muffled / Poem

“Talk in silence”

“I did that a lot”

She waited between the stars..

Then befriended frivolous poetry

Distance clouding her words,

Dreams poisoning her thoughts

“Tonight you failed “

“You no longer belong to the stars”

She looked at silence and words

One cut her throat before other choke her to death

“She could have stayed in Waiting “

“Oh I think Waiting was more beautiful than Her “

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Tunnel / Poem

There has to be a tunnel, longest one

Where we have taken our walks together


The light, forbidden-

Seasons,Time – all hidden


Whenever I want to step outside

Cold stirring silence draws me back

Blindfolded in a brooding melody

My lonely spirit swirl in secrecy


I started with questions –


“I recite poems .. what’s your way ? Where is that slate ?

Is it paper, female or seashore?

Or living in a tunnel forever ?”

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Mask / Poem

Thousand miles from your sight

I kept one night, full of stars

You can’t count them

I made them up

Thousand miles from my sight

You kept walking through places

I can see them

You sent me pictures

Between the miles there were faces

I kept seeing them

On Lakes Valleys and Walkways

I kept seeing them

Here I sleep under venomous words

Dreams wrested, body seized

Still scouring only for that face,

The one I lost in the starry night

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Door / Poem

There  is us in these closed doors

Behind, you are standing in sleepy pajamas

Looking at the mahogany plates on the door

I picked up from the last country fair

It read lines of our favourite song

And we never had names on it

Your steps had drenched in last night’s rain

My naked heels were still warm

I felt fever around

“You should go back to sleep” I yelled

Farewell to the door and the man behind

I took a deep breath

There comes a bouquet of fragrance

The roses Jasmin and honeysuckles

They shall bloom again for you

I plucked away the plates for me